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Below is the material for five lectures given at the 2019 ICTS/TIFR School: The myriad colorful ways of understanding extreme QCD matter

Course materials:

Lecture 1: Slides and Recording

Basics of non-equilibrium QFT, Schwinger-Keldysh formalism, Classical-statistical approximation

Lecture 2: Slides and Recording

Simulation of scalar fields, Critical dynamics, Range of validity of classical-statistical approximation

Lecture 3: Slides and Recording

Simulation of gauge fields, Non-thermal fixed points (NTFPs) in scalar and gauge theories

Lecture 4: Slides and Recording

Effective actions, Kinetic theory, Kinetic description of NTFPs

Lecture 5: Slides and Recording

Early-time dynamics of Heavy-Ion Collisions, Dynamical fermions & Chiral transport, New directions

See also the review S.Schlichting and D.Teaney, "The First fm/c of Heavy-Ion Collisions", Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science Vol. 69:447-476 for additional reading